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"Legislative power in the Republic of Poland shall be exercised by the Sejm and the Senate."
The Constitution of the Republic of Poland, article 95
Working methods
Public nature of the sittings
Order in the Chamber
Voting procedure
Course of committee work

Legislative procedure
Legislative initiative
First reading
Second reading
Third reading
Procedure in relation to the amendments introduced by the Senate
Participation of the President in the legislative process
Approximating Polish Legislation to the European Union Law
Urgent course of the legislative procedure
Procedure in relation to the adoption of codes
Approval for the ratification of an international treaty
Procedure relating to changes in the Constitution

Establishment of the government
Appointment of other State organs

General remarks
Control over Budget performance
Political accountability of the government
Other areas submitted to the control of the Sejm
Controlling function of the committees
Controlling function performed by the Deputies